Anesthesia Machine Astra 3i

The Astra 3i anesthesia machine is manufactured entirely in the UK under CE and ISO 13485 standards, in a modern and technologically advanced factory.


82 X 80 X 143,5 cm


1,5 Kg



Allows configuration of two or three gases (O2, N2O, Air) as required.
With the Astra 3i, you can configure the anesthesia machine with 2 or 3 gases (O2, N2O, Air) according to the requirement.

Yokes for gas cylinders (Configurable as required, O2, N2O, Air )

Safety is one of the main focus of the Astra3i design. For this reason, the yokes at the rear can be configured as required (O2, N2O, Air).

Product Specifications

Safe, Reliable and Affordable that gives surgeons, anesthesiologists, and medical personnel in general, reliability for each and every operative procedure.

  • Oxygen discharge located next to the common gas outlet (CGO)

  • Válvula


  • 25% mechanical anti-hepoxy guard
  • Vaporizers available: Servoflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane

The astra 3i has a common gas outlet (CGO), equipped with a non-return valve, to avoid contamination of the anesthesia machine.

The adjustable pressure limiting valve (APL) is mounted on the absorber and allows the user to limit the pressure in the airway, giving an effective protection to the patient.

With the Astra 3i anesthesia machine patient safety is guaranteed. The Astra 3i flowmeter is equipped with a mechanical anti-hypoxic device that ensures that oxygen concentrations below 25 % are not delivered to the patient.

The Astra3i user can use it with vaporizers for the following anesthetic agents: Servoflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane.

Integrated 10 in. or 15 in. touch screen ventilator, with 8 ventilation modes.

Our innovative Cygnus touch screen ventilator features a wide range of ventilatory modes: Volume, Pressure, Spontaneous, PSV Plus, Pressure with Guaranteed Volume, SIMV, Cardiac Bypass SMMV

Retractable work table

To provide you with larger working spaces, the Astra 3i Anesthesia machine has a retractable writing table.

  • Astra 3I Anesthesia Machine

    Four wheels (two of them lockable)

    Stability and mobility when you need it. The Astra 3i Anesthesia machine is equipped with 125 mm diameter wheels and the two front wheels have brakes to prevent movement of the machine during use.
  • Astra 3I Anesthesia Machine

    Three lockable drawers

    To provide ample storage space, the Astra 3i is built with 3 drawers, each with a security key.
  • Astra 3I Anesthesia Machine

    Monitores de Paciente Lynx con pantalla de 12" y 15" pulgadas

    The astra 3i offers complete monitoring of the patient's vital parameters under anesthesia. It monitors: O2, CO2, N2O, and Anesthetic Agents on the Cygnus ventilator screen; ECG, SPO2, NIBP, BREATHING, TEMPERATURE, IBP, CSM, CO*, on the Lynx monitor (12" or 15" touch screen).


Air DISS Hose


Oxigen DISS Hose

Flow Sensor

Reusable Patient Circuit

Silicon Bag

Warranty and Support

International Warranty and Support


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EPSIMED is a leading OEM Manufacturer and Distributor of world-class medical equipment. Our products are manufactured under international standards such as CE, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. These standards assure quality, safety and reliability on everything we offer.

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